Sustainability between Importers
as Buyers and Farmers as Producers

As an agricultural startup engaged in international trade, the big difference between AKOR and other companies is our commitment to being professional as a sociopreneur. The strongest value that we hold to achieve sustainability between importers as buyers and farmers as producers is contained in the value of ‘Strong Business Partnership’, namely the concept of buying and selling which is more than just a transaction, but builds closeness or trust in the upstream sector (producers) and downstream sector (buyers). The trust we have built in each sector is demonstrated in the following attitudes :

Upstream Sector

What AKOR does by making farmers as consumers is by embracing farmers so that they can develop better than before. AKOR embraces farmers through three activities, namely


Establish cooperation with farmers to provide supplies or agricultural products for certain commodities and absorb these products for export purposes.


Conduct postharvest education (product processing) to partners.


AKOR become a third party that connects the demand for agricultural products from importers (overseas buyers) to farmers.

Downstream Sector

Buyers as consumers want supply with sustainable quantity, good quality, and traceability of product information purchased. To answer this request, AKOR carried out several activities, namely:


Has a large production capacity because it is connected with potential partners.


Carry out the production of selected operational standards to achieve product quality with guaranteed specifications.


Supervising the production of each AKOR partner in order to achieve product specifications with good quality.


Provides complete information regarding processed agricultural products