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Malaysian Business Partner Visits AKOR to Explore Coffee Production Potential

agar Alam, Indonesia – AKOR recently welcomed a business partner from Malaysia for a comprehensive visit to explore the potential of greenbean coffee production per harvest season, partner farmers’ plantations, and to conclude the visit with a relaxed discussion session over a V60 coffee brewing experience.

The visit marked an important milestone in the collaboration between AKOR and its Malaysian counterpart. The business partner from Malaysia, who specializes in the coffee industry, expressed keen interest in understanding the unique qualities of Pagar Alam’s coffee and the potential for sustainable production.

One of the highlights of the visit was a thorough inspection of partner farmers’ coffee plantations. This firsthand experience allowed the Malaysian delegation to witness the dedication and hard work of local farmers, as well as the meticulous care that goes into cultivating AKOR’s quality coffee beans.

The visit concluded with a delightful session where both AKOR and their Malaysian partners engaged in a relaxed and informative discussion while brewing coffee using the V60 method. This provided an excellent opportunity for knowledge exchange and a deeper appreciation of the coffee-making process.

Ms. Novia, a representative from AKOR, expressed her enthusiasm for the visit, stating, “We are thrilled to have our Malaysian business partner here with us in Pagar Alam. This visit not only strengthens our partnership but also opens up new horizons for collaboration in the coffee industry.”

The partnership between AKOR and its Malaysian counterpart signifies a commitment to advancing the coffee industry in the region and promoting sustainability. These collaborations not only bolster the local economy but also enhance Indonesia’s reputation as a prominent coffee producer in the global market.

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