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AKOR Exporting 5 Tons of Robusta Coffee to Dubai, Involving 6 Local Partners

In October 2022, AKOR has successfully exported 5 tons of Robusta Greenbean coffee to Dubai, United Arab Emirates. This milestone represents not only a significant international trade accomplishment but also underscores the collaborative efforts between AKOR and its six local partners, including farmer groups and SMEs in Lahat and Pagar Alam, South Sumatra.

The export operation, carried out in October 2022, had a lead time of one month, during which AKOR worked closely with its local partners to ensure the highest quality coffee beans. The beans underwent meticulous selection and processing to meet the stringent standards demanded by the international market. AKOR’s dedication to supporting local communities was evident through the involvement of these six local partners, comprising farmer groups and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the Lahat and Pagar Alam regions of South Sumatra. This partnership not only bolstered the region’s economy but also improved the livelihoods of the local farmers and entrepreneurs engaged in the project.

Mr. Yogi, a coffee farmer and one of AKOR’s local partners, expressed his appreciation for the opportunity to collaborate on this project. “Working with AKOR has not only increased our income but has also enhanced our knowledge and skills in coffee production and quality control to global market,” he said. “This export achievement is a testament to the dedication and hard work of our local partners.”

The successful export of 5 tons of Robusta Greenbean coffee to Dubai in October 2022 reaffirms Indonesia’s standing in the global coffee market and showcases the potential of the country’s coffee industry. AKOR’s persistent efforts to support local communities and ensure top-quality products contribute to Indonesia’s reputation as a reliable source of premium coffee beans.

As AKOR continues its expansion into international markets, its unwavering commitment to collaborating with local partners remains steadfast. This accomplishment serves as a shining example of how Indonesian coffee, produced with dedication and care, can make its mark on the world stage.

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