Indonesia’s Agricultural Export Catalyst

Business Concept Solve Agricultural Supply Chain

In line with our mission to be a catalyst for agricultural exports, we are committed to being able to solve agricultural supply chain problems between importers as buyers and farmers as producers. Our goal as a catalyst is to focus on connecting farmers or SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprise) who have limited marketing to the global market. The lack of Indonesian agricultural commodities that are oriented towards the export market made us develop this business concept.

Farmers Problem

Indonesian farmers still rely on conventional marketing to broker. Conventional marketing that has been running for a long time has made agricultural products at the farmer level not developed. The lack of market access and only relying on broker causes farmers to be reluctant to make post-harvest innovations and improve the quality of their agricultural products for fear of not selling these products. As a result, farmers always return to producing low-quality agricultural products and selling them to broker at low selling prices. Partnership with farmers as suppliers and ensuring that their products will be absorbed and purchased is our first step as an agricultural export catalyst.

Best Quality

AKOR is committed to carrying out production control in layers to ensure that the products received by buyers are of the best quality. These production control activities include supervising the partner's production process in line with AKOR's production operational standards, bringing agricultural products that have been produced by partners to the warehouse, and carrying out product maintenance before being sent to the buyer. Export is seen as a difficult activity to do, to answer this problem, AKOR as a catalyst will take part in finding markets for agricultural products to export markets and handling all export activities to buyers.

Solving the problem of agricultural product supply chain with export orientation is not an easy thing, how are we going to do it? Let's follow our journey and grow together.