We Have a Goal to Promoted Local

PT Agri Ekspor Indonesia (AKOR) is a company engaged in international trade based on social enterprise in South Sumatra Province, Indonesia. We have a goal to promoted and elevated local agricultural products and farmers to reach the global market.

Brand Overview

PT Agri Ekspor Indonesia (AKOR), a pioneering force in international trade within South Sumatra Province, Indonesia. At AKOR, our unwavering commitment lies in the elevation of local agricultural products and farmers onto the global stage. AKOR emerged as a transformative solution to the intricate challenges that plague the agricultural supply chain. Our journey began with a resolute mission to become the catalyst for agricultural exports, effectively bridging the gap between importers and farmers. In addressing persistent issues surrounding quantity and quality within the agricultural supply chain, we initiated our first stride by focusing on the intricate landscape of coffee commodities in South Sumatra.

Unveiling Solutions

As a catalyst for agricultural exports, we recognize the dual role we assume in international trade, particularly in agriculture. Navigating the dynamic relationship between importers, who are the discerning buyers, and the farmers, the dedicated producers, is at the heart of our endeavor. This ethos finds its embodiment in our resounding slogan, “Agri to global, Farmers more valuable.

Empowering Agriculture

Our journey is defined by the challenges we conquer and the impact we foster. By implementing strategic and systemic resolutions, we’re unlocking the untapped potential of the agricultural sector. Our tireless commitment stands as a testament to our vision: to not merely address issues, but to empower and uplift local farmers while facilitating the seamless flow of quality products to global markets. Join us in redefining the narrative of agriculture – one breakthrough at a time.

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