We Have a Goal to Promoted Local

PT Agri Ekspor Indonesia (AKOR) is a company engaged in international trade based on social enterprise in South Sumatra Province, Indonesia. We have a goal to promoted and elevated local agricultural products and farmers to reach the global market.

AKOR was registered and officially established in December 2021 with the mission of being a catalyst for agricultural exports. We are committed to being able to solve the agricultural supply chain problems between importers as buyers and farmers as producers. Problems in the agricultural supply chain, including the quantity and quality of products are still unresolved issues. To answer these problems, as a first step AKOR currently focusing on solving problems with coffee commodities in South Sumatra.

As a social enterprise-based company, we realize that in the field of international trade, especially in the agricultural sector, there are two consumers that need to considered, the first is the importer as the buyer of the product, then the second is the farmer as the producer of the product. What we believe in and strive for this is reflected in our slogan, “Agri to global, Farmers more valuable”.

Two consumers of Akor