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Good Quality of Whole Black Pepper in Glass Jar

Immerse your kitchen in the bold essence of Anagata Collection’s Premium Whole Black Pepper, delicately preserved in a glass jar. Sourced from the abundant fields of South Sumatra, Indonesia, our black pepper is crafted to perfection, boasting 550 GL quality with a moisture content capped at 13%.

Why Anagata Collection?

1. Uncompromising Quality: Delight your palate with the exceptional quality of our premium whole black pepper. Anagata Collection is committed to delivering excellence, ensuring each jar meets the highest standards of flavor and aroma.

2. Origin Richness – South Sumatra: Embark on a flavor journey that begins in the fertile landscapes of South Sumatra, Indonesia. Our black pepper is cultivated with precision, capturing the essence of the region’s soil and climate for a distinctive and authentic taste.

3. Convenient Glass Jar Packaging: Experience the convenience of our glass jar packaging. Anagata Collection prioritizes freshness and presentation, ensuring that each jar preserves the potency of our whole black pepper.

ORIGINSouth Sumatra, Indonesia
COMPOSITION & INGREDIENTSDry black pepper (550 GL, 13% moisture max)
PACKAGINGGlass jar (non grinder) ; Glass jar (grinder)
NET WEIGHT60 grams (non grinder glass) ; 90 grams (grinder glass)
CERTIFICATIONPIRT (Indonesia’s Food and Drug Control Agency), Halal

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